Retail Store

For over 20 years, Stephen, Sebastian and Mercedes have grown from a small family business into a full size retail operation that caters to an exceeding broad range of needs. From a 5-minute sale, to a month-long project, we understand that every customerís satisfaction is our first and top priority. We offer a full size showroom that demonstrates a highly selective range of consumer electronics. We are very selective in our showroom as we want to offer products that offer great price and value. Customers are often inundated with an exceeding amount of research and information that often lead them into an unfamiliar territory. Stephensons provides a great alternative to shopping at a box-box stores or warehouse based online retailers. Due to our purchasing power in large quantities from our extensive corporate, commercial, hospitality and trade accounts, we are able to offer lower prices. Furthermore, we also have a very high reputation in building great sale events throughout the year so that we can remain competitive in the market. Therefore, it allows us to offer great service and have great prices all year long.